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The Latinx Research Center is a faculty-led research center offering research-centered support and collaboration to all campus researchers and is committed to building bridges and partnerships with other local research centers. In its past life as the Center for Latino Policy Research, the CLPR produced social sciences-centered research, conferences, symposia, and white papers, on Latinx and education, the environment, Indigenous communities, migration, and technology. Today, the new LRC seeks to expand its research foci and utility across campus, the Bay Area, the state, the nation, and the globe, by actively promoting interdisciplinary knowledge across the various fields of the humanities, social sciences, science, and technology. The “x” in our name marks the non-binary of sexual and gender diversity and development, as well as the unknown which is yet to be mapped about the understudied and rapidly growing and transforming Latinx transnational communities.
We host four lecture series per year circulating cutting edge interdisciplinary and transAmericas research which we archive for the public in our year-long biweekly Brown Bag Lecture Series; our Gloria E. Anzaldúa Annual Decolonial Lecture by a prominent academic; an annual Public Intellectual Lecture, featuring non-academic government and community leaders; and a bi-annual Poetry event. In addition, we contribute to the vital documentation of Bay Area art. We view art as a crucial and enduring social lens of what is and a visionary laboratory of what might be. We house two art exhibitions per year, utilizing all of Shorb House as a Work-Art interactive space. Beginning in 2018-19, we are documenting our historically significant art exhibitions in catalogs as well as on-line archives that also record related lectures and panels, available to researchers and the public internationally. In addition, we offer viewings of films throughout the year.

Check out our web page to find out more about the exciting and talented team that runs the LRC; resident research fellows; and the research working groups that are producing cutting-edge undergraduate honors theses, doctoral student dissertations, and new books by faculty. Contact us to join research teams in formation and to propose others in producing knowledge that is timely, relevant, and necessary to illuminating the conditions, experiences, cultures, and transformations of the U.S. Latinx communities and the increasingly transnational movements of bodies, cultures, and phenomena across borders. Join us in developing the analyses, the language and frameworks, and mapping the data and knowledge that can help us to promote the well-being of Latinx and other communities in the U.S. as an increasingly diverse nation that can help model respectful plurality of differences, one in which difference is viewed as enriching resource, one in which we increasingly learn to harmoniously engage difference as we increasingly understand that the social world of humans is itself an eco-system, within the larger natural eco-system.


The Center for Latino Policy Research was founded on the University of California, Berkeley, campus in 1989, a second iteration of the Chicana/o Latino Policy Report.  In 1991, the CLPR became a campus “component unit of the UC Committee on Latino Research (UCCLR) , a UC multi-campus research initiative created in 1987 as a response to California Concurrent Resolution 43 that urged the university to develop ‘a focused and coordinated capacity to conduct research, provide instruction, and develop resources that specifically address concerns related to the state’s Latino population” (1989-1999 Summary Activity Report of the Center for Latino Policy Research (CLPR), Institute for the Study of Social Change, February 7, 2000, Section I). From rented space on Bowditch Street to the third floor of its present location, on December 2, 2015, then-Chancellor Dirks and then-Executive Vice Chanellor and Provost Claude Steele, granted all of Shorb House to the CLPR for an expanded research center, in response to the request of then-Chair of the CLPR, Professor Patricia Baquedano-López, ISSI Director Professor Martín Sánchez-Jankowski, and professors David Montejano and Kurt Organista.  From that time, and throughout 2016-17, a cluster of faculty came together in a year-long process that included one-on-one interviews, meetings, and a retreat, to discuss their individual and collective vision for an expanded faculty research center.  Among other goals, the faculty expressed the desire to broaden the scope of the CLPR’s research agenda and in this way “inspire and empower people in their pursuit of knowledge about Latino life;” “advance knowledge with the engagement of students, fellows, researchers, and community partners;” and “to serve policy makers, business leaders, philanthropists, non-profits, and other stakeholders in search of groundbreaking information about the Latino community” (“CLPR Current Programs and Structure,” CLPR Advisory Board meeting document, 6/06/2017, p. 2).  Continuing this process, in the spring of 2018, the Faculty Advisory Board moved to change the name of the CLPR to the Latinx Research Center.

Latinx Research Center

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